Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sample 2- with edible image-Bon Voyage

Sample 2 -with edible image -Bon Voyage

Sample 1-Marble Cheese Brownies

Sample 1- with edible image

Marble Cheese Brownies/Slices For everyone

For those who loves brownies / slices, u should not miss this opportunity to try these beautiful and yummy homemade creations.At affordable prices u have options to choose the cheesy toppings with chocolate, strawberry or kiwi stripes. The based is a blend of chocolate moist. U can choose to have it during raya festive, birthday occasion or anytime, anyplace at no reason.

The price is according to sizes and shapes. Big and Round : RM60.00 , Big and Rectangle : RM50.00 and Small and Round :RM30.o0.
Delivery apart from Cyberjaya, Putrajaya and Seri Kembangan is charged at minimal cost based on areas .
Those who wish to add edible image onto the slices/brownies, extra charges will be made according to sizes.

For orders, please do not hesitate to call Ma Nis at 0132160191 or email to